Crazy Girl - Wanna Be Daring Tushy Teaser

Crazy Girl - Wanna Be Daring Tushy Teaser
Item# A01855

Product Description

Wanna be notorious…be seductive! With super girlie packaging and a great price point, Crazy Girl Body and Boudoir offers a fantastic range of products focused on boosting sexy self-confidence and inspiring sensual moments, making this line a must for those catering to the flirty, curious and open minded female!

· Phthalate Free

· pH friendly

· Latex-Free

A Little Naughty…”Butt” So Much Fun! Great for a beginner or for a more daring foreplay adventure, this little teaser can be worn during sex to for intensified orgasms or used for solo play…sometimes a Crazy Girl needs to take matters into her own hands! Each Tushy Teaser is made of super flexible Sensual Rubber with a finger ring for easy removal.

· 1.4oz

· 4"l x 2"w base

· 2.75”insertable x .89”d at widest point

• Rubber


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