Fashionistas - Bunny Tail Butt Plug - Small

Fashionistas - Bunny Tail Butt Plug - Small
Item# A02032

Product Description

She is feminine. She uses her body to create a masterpiece mixing her sense of style with her eccentric side never afraid to express’s what gives her a quiet strength. But, when she wants to be heard, she isn’t afraid to use a few accessories.

Introducing “Fashionistas”, a new line of couture inspired accessories. Boasting elegant features like black glass handles with elegant filigree accents, each piece is the embodiment of the Fashionista approach to life and love where fashion meets fetish and orgasmic bliss is just a sting away!

With a real feather puff bunny tail, these are quite possibly the cutest booty accessories we have ever seen! They are the perfect accessory to any fantasy where you are looking to hop, hop, hop down the bunny trail. Available in two sizes to accommodate every ”bunny”.

Item Length - 7.5"

Item Width - 1.25"


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