Fun Factory - Share - Petite - Blue

Fun Factory - Share - Petite - Blue
Item# 98396

Product Description

Have you ever wanted to swap roles with your partner? With the Petite Share from Fun Factory, you can make both of your wishes come true.

Made of 100% silicone and specially designed to help break down inhibitions, its graceful shape entices you to experiment and for the passive partner its an absolutely thrilling ride, making it a favorite of beginners.

Ergonomically formed, the larger end fits optimally into the vagina, the raised part promising improved hold, with the slender end stimulating the male G-spot.

A scooped base offers hold without compromising freedom of movement

Adapts perfectly to the body D

Delicate, semi-natural shape

Active part measures 4l x 1.37d

Passive part measures 5.5l x .89d

Length of Packaged Item - 5.875"

Height of Packaged Item - 9.5"


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