Jopen - The Intensity Stimulator

Jopen - The Intensity Stimulator
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Product Description

Jopen - The Intensity Stimulator
Intensity's patented rhythmic internal massage stimulates gentle vaginal muscle contractions that develop into an eruption of orgasmic sensation. The clitoral stimulation vibrates at speeds that vary from the softest tickle to a full blown assault on your senses, so you can get the orgasm you want, every time. Because Intensity inflates, the g-spot stimulator never slips out of place, so you will never again question if the g-spot really exists. After using Intensity, you will notice that all of your orgasms (both solo and with a partner) are more frequent and more intense as well. This is because the internal stimulation strengthens your vaginal muscles and research has proven that stronger vaginal muscles result in more powerful and longer orgasms. Unlike other vibrators and adult toys, Intensity users also report that their partners actually notice improved sensation during intercourse. Materials: Medical grade, phthalate-free PC-ABS/silicone

Finish: Matte

Length of insertable shaft: 5.25

Diameter of insertable shaft: 1.25 uninflated, 2.5 inflated

Weight: 11 oz.


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