Jollies Jack - Multi-Sparkle

Jollies Jack - Multi-Sparkle
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Product Description

Jack hangs to the left, but even this form has function. The bend in Jack allows for directional control of self-inducing sensations. The over-emphasized turn is just another tested and confirmed design element. Jack's head has the detail of a real penis is angled to produce G-spot stimulation while the shaft is smooth and long for comfortable play.

Jack comes ready for play with a built in hole at the base, perfect for a bullet vibrator. Its flat base and 1 ½ inch indented diameter makes it ideal for most harnesses.

Jack is handmade with medical grade silicones that are specifically designed and produced for human skin contact, and can be used with waterbased lubricants.


•Length: 7.75"

•Insertable Length: 7.25 "

•Circumference" 5.75"

•Diameter: 1.75"


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