LELO Sensua Whip - Black

LELO Sensua Whip - Black
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Product Description

LELO Sensua Whip - Black
LELO’s Sensua Suede Whip gives you a more daring approach to bedroom intimacy. The soft and supple suede tassels, alongside the polished metal and acrylic handle, make it a stylish addition to any collection - use it to regularly seduce or surprise your partner in all the ways you see fit.

Things you'll like about the Lelo Sensua Suede Whip:

Luxuriously touchable materials:
Made from sheepskin suede – perfect for applying a soft or firm touch

A stylish addition to bedroom play:
Available in sensual shades of red, purple, and black

Your gateway to new pleasures:
Ideal for novice and experienced couples alike

Give or receive -- the choice is yours:
Play around with different roles to entertain your desires

• Measures 14” total length

· Handle measures 5.5” x ¾”d

· Tendrils measure 8.5”

· 36 total tendrils


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