The Pleasures of Pegging – Advanced

The Pleasures of Pegging – Advanced
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You’ve done the Pegging dance a time or two…and now you have more questions....

Orgasms – The various ways to achieve his and hers

Equipment – Fine tuning your equipment and lube choices to suit you and your partner

Physiology – The anal area, prostate gland and safety concerns

Psychology - what can happen behind both ends of the strap-on

Positions – The best positions for intimacy, varying levels of skill and different body types

Learning good technique – tips and tricks to make it all go more smoothly

This class will go into detail about these topics and more. Get all your questions answered. Try on harnesses.

About Ruby When Ruby Ryder decided to embrace her kink of strap-on sex, or pegging, the thing she wanted most alongside gaining actual experience was to share her pegging erotica with the world. Three years ago she started a blog and posted her stories. Her passion for the subject motivated her to scour the internet, gathering information. That experience was like diving down the rabbit hole that kept presenting amazing discoveries and still does to this day. Soon the student became the teacher and Ruby found her mission; to share her passion with others. The potential pleasure and intimacy in pegging are far beyond what most people imagine. She wanted to turn a spotlight on that potential, offer accurate information and give people who practice pegging a forum to discuss the various physical, emotional and mental aspects of it. Ruby is happy to report that since beginning this journey she has gotten a satisfying amount of hands-on experience! More than anything she is thrilled to be sharing her passion with the world.

These days Ruby’s erotic pegging stories and blog can be found at If you are new to pegging and want undiluted information, that can be found at Her weekly podcast is on iTunes. Ruby recently received news that one of her erotic pegging stories will be included in Women’s Best Erotica 2014!

The price for one class (either one) is $25. You may attend both classes for the price of $35. Space is limited.

You do not need a partner to attend. Bring yourself, your partner and/or your adventurous friends!

Class will be at:

Kama Sutra Closet 451 E. Main Street, #6, Ventura, CA 93001

Please feel free to call with any questions 888-801-8952

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