Steele Malone - Taste Glass Dil - Red

Steele Malone - Taste Glass Dil - Red
Item# A01670

Product Description

f you crave the ultimate in luxuriousness and one of a kind erotic art, then you will simply fall head over heels in love with the “Diletto”, erotic glass sculptures from artisan Steele Malone.

Masterfully hand blown using the new and old world artisan techniques of Venetian glass blowing and the finest soft glass, each piece is designed with every aspect of the female anatomy in mind. With vibrant colors, soft curves and delicately balanced organic shapes offer sensations that you only ever dared to imagine!

These pieces of glass erotica are much heavier than most glass with a silky smooth surface and a depth and layering colors that is intensely unique, each a one of a kind piece that seduces you upon sight!

With its beautiful tongue shape and erotic curves to pleasure your deepest desires, this piece is as beautiful sitting on display as it is functional.

Embark on a sensual journey with your undying pleasure as your only limit.

• Materials – Glass

• Item Length - 8.75”

• Item Height – 1.875” to 3”

• Handle – 2.75” W x 1.625 H

• Diameter – 1.47" widest to .75" smallest

• Item Weight – 1lb 2.3oz

• Insertable Length – 5.75”

*Each piece is hand blown and completely unique. Please note that all measurements are approximate.


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