Storms Of Pleasure - Deluxe Delightware Systems - Temptress Purple

Storms Of Pleasure - Deluxe Delightware Systems - Temptress Purple

Product Description

This isn't just any ordinary restraint system!

If you love the best in everything – art, love, life and of course sex, you will agree Storms of Pleasure is a luxury designer par excellence! Providing sexy and romantic products of uncompromising quality to discerning couples who love to play, their Delightware bondage restraint systems are made from the best materials with highest quality craftsmanship.

Included in this Deluxe Delightware System are:
2 velvet Wrist Adornment Cuffs with Swarovski Crystals
2 velvet Ankle Adornment Cuffs with Swarovski Crystals
4 adjustable Mattress & Door Frame Converters
4 adjustable Tethers
1 Velvet Swarovski Crystal adorned blindfold
All packaged in a beautiful, hand-crafted, velvet lined, wooden keepsake box!

* Patent pending design makes the Mattress & Door Frame Converters slip easily between your box spring and bed frame.
* No need for a complicated set up under your mattress or to change the sheets.
* Converters fit over OR under a closed door.
* An adjustable strap attached to a sand filled pillow extends from 8 to 14 inches.
* Quiet and won’t scratch or harm furniture.
* Works in hotel rooms or other areas where the mattress is on a wood box.

Velvet Adornment wrist cuffs provide the restraint needed for play without the bruises from metal or leather. Wrist cuff straps extend from 6 to 9 inches and ankle cuffs extend from 8 to 12 inches.

Separate tethers that extend from 13 to 24 inches give you a vast array of positions to play with limited only by your imagination. And don't forget the Velvet blindfold adorned with crystals which can be securely tied around the head for that extra tease factor not available with the Basic Set

Suggestions: chair, sofa, car? You tell us!

All items are hand washable and hang to dry. The perfect gift of luxury for anyone.

*Not for use for suspension or hanging.


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